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It is cut and laid down as a normal wooden baseboard, so there are no limits to the applications. It guarantees unlimited duration and total resistance to humidity, that can be found in some environments. Doal’s baseboards are available in different heights and with different features that satisfy the needs of the most modern houses but also of the most demanding and sophisticated offices. For some models we offer also the electrifiable version.

The Baseboard that Doal produces

Easy 40

with the flush to the wall baseboard in aluminium Model Easy 40 you won’t have limits in height or in its application. It is prestigious and has a ...

Which baseboard to choose

Choosing the Aluminium Baseboard

Are you curious of knowing how to choose the aluminium baseboard at best? Find out everything about these interior finishes that will freshen up your ...

Where to use the different types of aluminium baseboards

Thanks to an easy to applicate cover, we can hide possible electric wires without having to make a hole o damage any wall. It is not only easy to clean, but it also gives the environment a bit of design to the natural meeting of floor and wall. The baseboard is very often not disregarded in interior design, but we are sure that its role will remarkably incrcomfortthe aesthetic environment and its functionality, thanks to the various types of baseboards that Doal offers.
Nowadays there are no limits to this type of baseboard anymore. It is now prestigious and with a contemporary design. Doal flush to the wall baseboard can create a unique effect of continuity with the minimum space required. This allows to move the furniture close to the walls, deleting all the eventual unaesthetic cracks. But that’s not all. The baseboards embedded in the walls give a sense of luminosity, cleaning, lightness, space and functionality. These are all the features that contribute to make an environment more important, harmonic, intimate and elegant.
The limited or absent – in the case of the flush to the wall baseboard – thickness is perfect for Doal’s sliding doors fixed to the external wall, since they are able to move closer to the walls, allowing the house or the office to become aesthetically more and more fascinating.
They have the function of signalling the borderline between floor and wall and is also 100% recyclable, contributing to protect the environment.