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Dividing Areas

Find out the 5 best suggestions to divide the day area, such as living room from kitchen, using the right door types, profiles for the doors, colours and finishes for the glass and the use of doors for walk-in wardrobes.


The concealed sliding door Time-S is one of the best solutions when there are already equipped traits with concealed cases or subframes inside the walls.


Time-S is a concealed sliding flush door with 40 mm thick frame and can be required with various finishes. It can also be tailored for set environments.


Is one of the models of the mono-facial floor mounted sliding doors. It can be used for closing niches or basements, garages or walk-in wardrobes and can also be custom-made.


A sliding door that is used by those who do not want to see handles. It is characterised by its aluminium uprights that protect the glass and serve as ergonomic handles.


The model Time with decorated glass in the picture here below is characterised by an aluminium and inox frame with satinised glass, Autumn decoration and Vertical handle.