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Hinged doors can be used in different environments, both for houses and public buildings. In offices, cafes, restaurants, clinics or banks it is very required thanks to its practical bilateral opening that characterises it. They are realised in glass with oleodynamic hinges with controlled closure and they can be requested with big handles in inox steel or with a simple pommel. hinged door The hinges of the door can be fixed to the ceiling and floor or to the wall. The glass can be required in different finishes such as: transparent, opal, acidic, bronze, fume or lacquered. The system of swing door enables the application of glass doors directly to the wall or to the floor without having to use a jamb, the opening of the door becomes then bidirectional. These two fundamental features allow a practical and minimalist use. The hinges, equipped with a sophisticated oleodynamic system, allow controlled and amortised movements in the closing phase. The swing door at wall has oleodynamic hinge integrated with regulations of the speed of closing and of the final jerk of the door. The mounting of the hinges happens directly to the wall that in this case will help sustain the weight of the door. The absence of hinges allows the free movement of the door, both pulling and pushing. The swing door to the floor has an integrated oleodynamic hinge with regulators of speed of closure and in the final jerk of the door. The inferior hinge does not require peculiar predispositions in the floor, but it is just fixed to the floor with the supplied dowels. The absence of jambs allows the free movement of the door, both pulling and pushing. This system is ideal for solutions where the wall cannot sustain the weight of the door and thus the application of hinges to the wall is not possible.

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The swing door Tao is available in two types: wall hinged doors or floor doors. Aesthetically speaking they are very similar but not technically. ...