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Glass swing door Tao

The glass swing door that Doal produces is divided into two types: at the wall or to the floor. Aesthetically they are very similar but technically the system of anchoring notably changes. If you are in front of a building whose wall cannot sustain the weight of the door, and so the application of hinges is not possible, you necessarily need to use the system to the floor or at ceiling. The hinges that sustain the swing door are oleodynamic and this allows the regulation of the speed of closure and also that one of the final jerk of the door. To mount a wall door, you do not need jambs and this system allows the door to open and close freely. For the floor swing door you do not need any particular features or predisposition since it is fixed to the floor with blocks supplied by Doal at delivery. All these features above described are attributed to the model Tao by Doal.

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