• hinged door in light wood

Light hinged door with wooden panel

The hinged door with wooden door has a very tiny jamb and is different from the traditional doors since they can be installed also when the building is already finished. It can be mounted on already finished walls or between furniture such as bookshelves, camouflaging with them as shows the picture. In the picture we can see the traditional hinged door “Wood” in silver aluminium with a materic laminated panel “Cetos” and handle “Nice”. All this can be made since Doal produces all tailored products and it is one of its main strengths, which is also very appreciated. This system of hinged light door has the great advantage that it does not need any constructive intervention before installation since it is studied and realised for avoiding any existent imperfection of the architectural holes. Traditional hinged door: it is possible to choose the door’s finish you wish from the wide range of product available of glass, wooden decorations or laminated, they can complete each other with the door with levigated panel entirely to be customised. In this case, the door can camouflage and become one with the wall also thanks to the concealed hinges that are used by Doal. This model of doors Wood is free to rotate at 180 degrees. The hinges of these modern internal doors have been accurately chosen to be in harmony with the design. The frame of the traditional solution is very easy to match to every place and is technically eclectic. Don’t forget to visit section “Catalogues” and if you are interested in other technical details or if you need help don’t hesitate to contact us!

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