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The internal sliding doors, compared with the hinged doors, allow to take advantage of more space. The environments of the house, starting from the day area, become wider and more comfortable and you can furnish them with more freedom, enhancing also the comfort level. The sliding doors are of two types: external wall and concealed. The first type has one or more doors that slide in parallel to the wall. The installation and mounting do not require peculiar constructive interventions, since the doors are directly hooked with a track fixed to the wall or to the ceiling.

They are divided as follows:

Here below you can find all details about the differences between the various types of existing doors.

The Interior Sliding Doors that Doal produces

Dividing Areas

Find out the 5 best suggestions to divide the day area, such as living room from kitchen, using the right door types, profiles for the doors, colours and finishes for the glass and the use of doors for walk-in wardrobes.

Where to use them

Do you want to find out where to make the best use of the concealed sliding door that make you save space and cancel out the total size of the door? We are here available to help you. Read the article.

Invisible sliding door external wall


The invisible Tao sliding door, used to close passage areas. The beauty of this system is the total absence of the track, a freedom of installation ever seen.


The concealed sliding door Time-S is one of the best solutions when there are already equipped traits with concealed cases or subframes inside the walls.


One is one of the models of bifacial floor sliding doors, in which it is possible to use all the glass and lacquered panels of the Doal collection that guarantees optimal solutions.


Is one of the models of the mono-facial floor mounted sliding doors. It can be used for closing niches or basements, garages or walk-in wardrobes and can also be custom-made.


The floor sliding door Time is 100% made in Italy and can be fitted with dampers on doors with a weight of up to 80 kg. If you want to find out more don’t hesitate to contact us.


Time-S is a concealed sliding flush door with 40 mm thick frame and can be required with various finishes. It can also be tailored for set environments.


A sliding door that is used by those who do not want to see handles. It is characterised by its aluminium uprights that protect the glass and serve as ergonomic handles.


One of the most imposing models of sliding doors with invisible track. You can obviously order it in the size that you prefer and is a great compromise between saving space and having privacy.


This suspended sliding model made of glass Life presents a white aluminium frame with extra light transparent glass and a Fly handle that you can order custom-made.


The model Time with decorated glass in the picture here below is characterised by an aluminium and inox frame with satinised glass, Autumn decoration and Vertical handle.


The suspended sliding door with coloured glass Tao in the image here represented is characterised by lucid lacquered charcoal glass and a big handle of inox of 40 centimetres.

The main differences of the internal sliding doors

The internal sliding doors external wall represent the ideal and practical solution to close with elegance and efficiency passage areas or niches that are created for example by the protrusions of pillars, columns or flues. Concealed doors, on the other hand, are recessed and equipped with a special counterframe that guarantees a more minimalist aesthetic impact. In the case in which it is required a slightly more complex building work, it is necessary to break down a wall or a part of it.
The main difference between those external wall and the concealed sliding ones is therefore this: the former remain visible and slide on one side of the wall, which must then always remain free; the others, when opened, disappear because the door falls entirely within the thickness of the wall. The other difference concerns the masonry intervention, not necessary for the external wall doors and indispensable for the concealed ones, always if they have not been prepared. In both cases, however, these are solutions that allow you to save a lot of space and that offer satisfactory results also from an aesthetic point of view.

Assembly previews

Installation and assembly do not require any special wall work, as the doors are directly attached to a track fixed to the wall or to the ceiling. The tracks can be installed flush to the wall by means of a special aluminium structure that allows the sliding tracks to be concealed with an excellent aesthetic result. All the concealed doors are now real furnishing elements, the highest quality ones are also characterised by a refined, essential and classy design.
These qualities explain why the demand for concealed sliding doors has increased significantly over the years. Undeniable functionality is combined with an attractive image that positively affects the style of the environment, helping to better define and enhance it. The Doal catalogue is as rich as it is varied: there are numerous models to choose from, suitable for both the various areas of the house and the walk-in wardrobes. The materials used are always of a high level, the best on the market and the mechanisms are based on the most advanced technologies. Doal never disappoints expectations and all products are also designed to last over time and be personalised, for this reason we are always available and ready to work together to create new projects.