1) A big day area needs to be divided with glass sliding doors

To separate big areas, such as dividing living room and kitchen, it is suggested to use the glass to not obstructing the sight, maintaining unaltered the atmosphere “open space” and defining at the same time a division of the spaces.
All the environments of the house, starting from the living area, become in this way wider and comfortable. You will have the chance not to depend from the style of the sliding door, having greater freedom of furnishing, enhancing the comfort level from the auditory and olfactory point of view. For this type of subdivisions, you should choose floor sliding doors without track, setting free in every moment the opening that put in communication the two areas.

2) Pay attention to the style and decorations for doors

The doors emerge as the first piece of furniture of a house, defining its style, the way of living and the style. You will have the chance to choose a decorated sliding door with or without jambs and there is also the opportunity to personalise it in each part. In this case, we suggest you prefer neutral drawings for the door but with personality. The doors that compose them can have a perimetric profile in aluminium, for a polite and essential line, with great modernity or they can be all made of glass, to camouflage and to leave the remaining piece of furniture to be the protagonist.

3) The colour of the glass for sliding doors is important

You can choose the finishes for doors that better match with the context of your areas. The aluminium profiles or lacquered and the glass door that can be transparent, fume, bronze or satinised in order to filter and hide the environment when necessary. The less invasive and more neutral is the classical mirror door that can also be tailored, that reflects the light for the walk-in wardrobes in the night area and the satinised or transparent door for the day area.

4) Recessing concealed sliding doors can be useful to save space

The subdivision of spaces obtained with the concealed doors is synonym of functionality and space saver. To divide the bathroom from the bedroom or day area to night area it is suggested to think about them in the designing or restructuring phase, installing a subframe for built-in doors.

5) Divide the environments with elegance

The lovers of linearity and minimalism choose often to recess the track of the sliding door inside the false ceiling, succeeding thus to divide the environment with doors full height floor-ceiling, without any visible element for the refined and modern environments.

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