Floor sliding door with mirror

The shock absorber of the floor sliding door can be mounted on doors with maximum weight 80 kg, thanks to the technical details here below represented we can understand the simple mechanism of the system.

The new and innovative sliding system conceived by Doal allows the insertion of the shock absorbers from the bottom and can be also made after the installation of the track. In the picture here represented, the floor sliding system Time made of silver aluminium with lucid lacquered white glass and Vertical handle.

Time is a model of floor sliding door in which it is possible to use all the types of glass al lacquered panels of Doal collection. Time is realised with aluminium profiles in various colours choosing between silver, white and brown. This system is mono-facial and bifacial, and you can thus use it both for closing small environments such as niches or broom storages and for more important spaces such as walk-in wardrobes and equipped spaces. The sliding of the door happens on the lower track allowing all the weight to be discharged on the floor.

Technical specificities of the doors

It is for this reason that the floor sliding system is suitable for non-loadbearing ceilings or little structured ceilings such as the plasterboard. The floor mounted sliding doors can move on one or two panels for an infinite number of times. With the appropriate gaskets you can mount panels with different thicknesses, from 5 to 8 mm. The profile without gasket allows the insertion of panels 10 mm thick. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need the technical catalogue and find out everything about this fabulous product.

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