Suspended sliding door in anthracite glass

The sliding door Tao in the image here represented is characterised by a lucid lacquered anthracite glass and big inox handle of 40 cm. Tao is the model of suspended sliding door realised completely in glass with thickness of 10 mm and with silver aluminium track. Doal offers the possibility to choose among 18 lacquered glass of different colours and more than 10 types of glass such as transparent, extra-light, opal, satinised, fume, bronze, etc. Tao is divided into Alpha and Beta that differentiate because they use two different sliding systems. Tao Alpha uses a more compact track that hides inside the sliding pliers of the door. The track can also be recessed in the false ceiling enabling the composition to be minimalist and of design. Tao Beta is very versatile since you can create infinite sliding ways and you can obtain open areas that are very big if you fold the doors. You can realise with Tao compositions of varying genres among others an office environment thanks to the opportunity to construct very long traits taking advantage of the fixed panels that is united with the polycarbonate transparent profiles.

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