• Invisible sliding door external wall

Invisible external wall sliding door made of glass

custom sliding doors In the picture here represented you can see the invisible sliding door Tao with satinised fume glass and Cube handle. Tao is an invisible sliding door that is used to close transit areas. The beauty of this system is the complete absence of track on sight, in this way the surrounding environment seems more sophisticated and modern. It is possible to applicate the classical handle or you can use a vertical big handle for who desires to conceal the whole even with a simple square or round knob.

Tao has an amortised series closure and there aren’t any guides on the floor; in this way it is easier to keep cleaned. The invisible sliding doors can be required with one or two doors depending on the environment and the needs. The glass is 10 mm thick and can be required in transparent, extra-light, opal, satinised, fume, bronze glass or lacquered in 18 colours or even with sandblasted decorations with our exclusive designs such as Autumn, Bamboo, Breeze, Snails, Pinstripe, Sunflowers, Ribbons and Horizons.

Invisible sliding door. It is possible to require a personalised decoration following your styles or you can choose it among the more than 300 already available.

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