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Designing, which glass door to choose?

When you need to design your house, for example if you need a walk-in wardrobe , it is important to consider with great attention the finish you have chosen for the panel or the glass you have to use. The transparent or semi-transparent glass doors that Doal produces give certainly light but leave the inside of the closet ˗ or of the recess or the room that needs to be divided ˗ totally visible. In this way the closet becomes elegant and refined, but only if kept in order. Often during the designing or renovation of the house you need to face columns to be covered and therefore sliding doors for walk in closets can make a difference, hiding the whole and allowing you to create a comfortable customised wardrobe.

What are the advantages of a good choice?

Choosing sliding doors with transparent glass implicate that you always have to keep your clothes in order. Instead, blind panels – that can be required in lacquered glass or a materic laminated lacquered panel – totally cover the sight to the inside of the closet, so that it is more practical and functional also for less tidy people.

A very appreciated and used alternative for these cases is the reflective, smoked or bronze glass.
For example, the reflective glass reflects light almost as a mirror and it can be useful to look at yourself when you get dressed, when the inside of the closet is dark because the doors are closed and the lights are off.

On the contrary, when the internal light is on, the glass becomes transparent, allowing you to see in the inside.
In this way you can obtain great effects, both in style and in ease; for example, positioning a light switch for the closet next to the bed you can choose your clothes remaining there, illuminating the inside of the walk-in closet and making the glass of the sliding doors – that we produce – transparent. Turning off the light the inside and the sliding doors is obscured.

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