White suspended sliding door

Doors with a frame are particularly suitable for closing walk-in wardrobes or recesses, since the aluminium frames slide close to each other, reducing the entrance of dust. This suspended sliding door system is also used to divide the rooms of your house or of the office, where it is possible to make light smoothly penetrate through the glass panels or to darken it with the solid panels in melamine or lacquered wood. The aluminium frame is not only a very light aesthetical motif but it also works as a protection and security to the glass. The framed doors can be realised using all the selection of mat and lucid glass of Doal collection. You can thus choose among 18 colours of the lacquered glass and among 21 types, for example transparent, extra light, opal, glazed, tinted, bronze, reflecting glass, etc. All can be custom-made on request. As shown in the 29th Time composition, it is possible to divide an environment – in this case entrance from living room – using three doors, where two of them work as recess closure and the third one is the gap for going into the living room. The recess works as a wardrobe where you can keep you shoes in one side and the coats in the other. Once closed, it becomes aesthetically very pleasant because the composition acts as a mimetic partition wall.

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