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Unlike the traditional sliding doors, external wall doors allow you to exploit the room in the most appropriate way, leaving greater space to the living room, that becomes welcoming and with greater furnishing opportunities. Released from the encumbrance of the hinged door, your home will acquire more space that can be exploited both for the furniture and for the various accessories that your home needs. The doors in question can be of two types: sliding doors external wall or concealed sliding doors.

Invisible sliding door external wall


The invisible Tao sliding door, used to close passage areas. The beauty of this system is the total absence of the track, a freedom of installation ...


One of the most imposing models of sliding doors with invisible track. You can obviously order it in the size that you prefer and is a great ...


The model Time with decorated glass in the picture here below is characterised by an aluminium and inox frame with satinised glass, Autumn decoration ...


The suspended sliding door with coloured glass Tao in the image here represented is characterised by lucid lacquered charcoal glass and a big handle ...

The various models of sliding doors external wall that Doal produces

The sliding doors external wall optimise the available spaces adorning the environment with beautiful frames. The concealed sliding doors are instead built-in, with the opening of the internal door in the wall thanks to an appropriate subframe recessed in your wall, giving in this way a more minimal appearance to the wall.
The sliding doors external wall represent a great solution to optimise the available space and to separate the environments in a discrete and fluid way. At the same time, they can be enriched from the aesthetical point of view and enlivening the main effect. The design models are refined but also often unpredictable and give personality to the house, allowing to personalise it following the own artistic preferences.
The sliding of the door occurs thanks to a visible track realised in aluminium that can be mounted on the ceiling or on the wall. The intervention to install a sliding door external wall is minimal, you don’t need any subframe like in the case of the concealed sliding doors and you don’t need masonry works. Thanks to the even more precise and advanced sliding systems it is not always necessary a guide to the floor, but just a simple hidden pivot is enough. The wood, the glass and the aluminium are the most used materials.
Considering that the door or doors when sliding, cover the wall, the glass allows to create very fascinating games of lights and transparencies. The darkest sheets are the ones in tempered glass, that is a type of crystal whose resistance is up to five times greater than the normal one and it is reduced into small non-cutting pieces in case of break. In most of the cases people choose the etched finish, that is characterised by a satinised effect, but the lacquered or decorated glass with floral, geometrical or stylised patterns is also popular. The sliding doors external wall made totally of wood represent a traditional choice and convey great warmth and elegance to the environment. The ones in metal are the maximum expression of contemporaneity and have an industrial kick.
As can be understood, the choice should not be totally independent from the furniture of the house and from its structural peculiarities. However, to dare a bit and to break away from the classical schemes it could be a winning tactical to install, for example, a high-tech door in the entrance of a vintage space.