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The system of floor mounted sliding doors offers solutions that allow you to satisfy various furnishing needs, tailored to the various environments thanks to the doors with aluminium structure and panels made of glass or wood. The floor sliding doors with track are divided into two categories, recessed and in support. The floor sliding system is composed of an inferior and one upper track. This last one can be fixed to the wall, to the ceiling or recessed.


One is one of the models of bifacial floor sliding doors, in which it is possible to use all the glass and lacquered panels of the Doal collection ...


Is one of the models of the mono-facial floor mounted sliding doors. It can be used for closing niches or basements, garages or walk-in wardrobes and ...


The floor sliding door Time is 100% made in Italy and can be fitted with dampers on doors with a weight of up to 80 kg. If you want to find out more ...

The various models of floor mounted sliding doors that Doal produces

The sliding happens on the lower track allowing to discharge to the floor all the door’s weight, for this reason this system is particularly suitable for non-carrying ceilings.