Hinged light doors are characterised by a very tiny jamb and are different because of the type of installation that is required. They are mounted also in already finished walls. They are also suitable for renovating pre-existing buildings. These doors can be completely custom-made and this is one of the strengths of Doal, since it is possible to make the most of the available space.

“Life” light decorated shutter

The “Life” door is very versatile, it allows you to obtain decorations of any kind and they also can be personalised on the glass and the jambs are ...

hinged door in light wood

Wooden light hinged door

It is made in refined wood, it does not need any construction intervention like the others before installation because it is created to be practical.

The various models of single leaf doors Light that Doal produces

This type of system has the enormous advantage that it does not require any intervention from the constructing company before being installed. In this way, even if the wall has several imperfections, it can be installed in any case. The hinged door Light has a sophisticated and elegant design.
It has the ability to transform itself into a door with a strong personality or to camouflage itself with the wall becoming neutral, almost disappearing thanks to the concealed hinges that are used by Doal. It all depends on our tastes and on the style of the house or office we want to achieve or realize. The door's finishes are many and you can choose from a wide range of glass, wood or laminated decorations.
It is also possible to require the door with a polished bottom panel to be customised at will. The handles that can be applied to this type of modern interior door are of different types and Doal has chosen them carefully so that they are in harmony with their image.