Partition wall made of glass and aluminium "Grace"

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Partition wall of decorated glass

The dividing mono-glass wall permits to divide the internal spaces of offices, shops, houses, public areas or various other institutions. Thanks to the transparent glass, the partition walls are used to divide areas guaranteeing elegance and privacy keeping visibly unchanged the spaces. Being completely custom-made it can satisfy and use every need of the customer. Thanks to its design and its lightness the “Grace” model creates environments where there is the need of embellishing what is located in the inside. The glass creates dividing soundproof walls thanks to its properties. The glass partition wall “Grace” model allows to create confidential environments guaranteeing the right privacy. The “Grace” wall offers the opportunity to applicate sliding or leaf doors in different configurations. We can use the total glass, total wood or glass with aluminium frame or doors with double glass. The doors of the walls are available in total height, also satisfying the most demanding clients.

The details of the partition wall “Grace”

Grace allows the installation of glass with thickness from 10 to 13,5 mm and can take inspiration form a great variety of finishes such as transparent glass float, extra light, satinised, fume, bronze or lacquered. Moreover, all types of glass can be personalised with special decorations or logos of various genres or colours. The minimalist design of the aluminium profiles of the wall “Grace” gives maximum lightness and elegance where the glass is protagonist and structural elements assuring an open space visual effect. Thanks to the adjustable feet, Grace can compensate eventual structural and walls imperfections, floors and ceiling. This product, as all the doors, is custom-made according to the needs of the customers. The aluminium profiles can be required in a white, brown or anodised silver finish. On request, for the most demanding ones, we can look in the Ral file. Doal has an innovative programme with whom is possible to draw a graphic of the order and to develop quotes in real time and you can see the three-dimensional drawing of the requested composition. The cost of the wall is very restrained thanks to its minimalism and the accurate designing. Grace is an ideal solution for dividing big spaces in open space. Doal produces equipped walls taking advantage to the available spaces and is specialised in the use of the aluminium and glass of great quality and are an optimal solution for all the people that love having light in the interiors. Moreover, the aluminium and the glass are hygienical, functional and totally ecological materials.

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