Glass partition wall with suspended sliding door

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Sliding partition wall made of glass

The partition wall with suspended sliding door in this picture is in fume glass and is composed of two fixed panels and two suspended sliding doors model “Tao” made of silver aluminium. The dividing system allows the realisation of fixed panels of glass with perimetral support in aluminium. Thanks to the minimal appearance this system finds natural use in furnishing the interiors for dividing spaces or for closing architectural holes. The dividing system represents an extremely practical and versatile solution thanks to its technical features and to its simplicity in use. In this picture the partition wall separates the living room to the night area, creating a wonderful harmony between colour design and functionality. The divisor is also useful for closing spaces like windows or to delimit transit zones. The thickness of the glass is 10 mm and it is unified for long distances thanks to a profile of transparent polycarbonate.

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