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Sliding Shutters for Wall Cupboards

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Characterised by a high personalisation, Doal is specialised in the realisation of sliding doors for wall cupboards. It is thanks to the tenacious use of these doors that you can create a real customised wall cupboard. Differently from the standard wardrobes that have predefined or modulated measures, Doal can design the wardrobe in the available space, matching the closet system “Simply” with different types of doors.

Designing sliding doors for walk in closets

Thanks to an easy but at the same time sophisticated graphic programme, we can realise ad hoc and with the maximum precision every single component of our dream wardrobe. Considering the existing space, we can obtain a closet, that can be small or big, complicated or simple, with shelves or drawers, with clothes hanger or shoe rocks, following the needs and styles of our client.
Doal optimises completely the internal spaces since the system does not need backs, panels, bases or covers. Therefore, the whole space is available to satisfy the needs and demands of filling the closet of the wardrobe or of the storage closet.
The uprights of the “Simply” closet perfectly match the finishes of the sliding doors which contain them. The sliding doors for walk in closets can be chosen among more than six different models, for example: Time, Life, Tao, Play, One and Wood. Have a look at our catalogue to find out more about them! Every model has different features depending on the demands and aesthetical styles. From the minimalist door all made of glass, to the one with the best performances, with an aluminium frame, to the lightest door, made of honeycomb wood.

The reality of the Italian houses nowadays

Today the available areas in the houses and, mostly, in the flats are more and more restricted. And that is why there is the need of exploiting the available heights in the best way, also improving the appearance. One of the advantages that Doal offers is that it is capable to close an area that goes from the floor to the ceiling, covering around 3 meters in height. In this way, it can convert it in a spacious wall-closet or a wardrobe.
Doal does not want to leave anything to chance and thus offers solutions that require the sliding mechanism fixed to the ceiling for an aesthetical design or the floor sliding mechanism, when the ceiling is not able to support the weight of one or more doors, such as the false ceilings made of plasterboard. In any case, Doal can offer the right solution in terms of functionality and price.

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