With the suspended sliding door it is possible to create spaces in a smart way. Thanks to this system of sliding doors for divisional interns it is possible to organise new areas that can seem unusable at first. This system of suspended sliding doors does not leave any spur in the floor and is used in modern houses, but only if the walls and the ceiling are supporting.

Dividing Areas

Find out the 5 best suggestions to divide the day area, such as living room from kitchen, using the right door types, profiles for the doors, colours and finishes for the glass and the use of doors for walk-in wardrobes.


One of the most imposing models of sliding doors with invisible track. You can obviously order it in the size that you prefer and is a great compromise between saving space and having privacy.


A sliding door that is used by those who do not want to see handles. It is characterised by its aluminium uprights that protect the glass and serve as ergonomic handles.


The suspended sliding door with coloured glass Tao in the image here represented is characterised by lucid lacquered charcoal glass and a big handle of inox of 40 centimetres.


The model Time with decorated glass in the picture here below is characterised by an aluminium and inox frame with satinised glass, Autumn decoration and Vertical handle.


This suspended sliding model made of glass Life presents a white aluminium frame with extra light transparent glass and a Fly handle that you can order custom-made.

The various models of suspended sliding doors that Doal produces

The choice of suspended sliding doors therefore leaves great freedom of use even in the most difficult to furnish houses. Suspended doors can be requested with one or more doors and are made of glass, decorated glass , polished or satin glass or lacquered finish.
The doors available for this system have an aluminium structure combined with a panel or glass and can be applied to various brands of existing counterframes.
Finally, the traditional Doal retractable doors are equipped with aluminium jambs that act as a frame for the passage compartment. The frame can be combined with the door frame and is available in silver, stainless steel, white and brown.
Thanks to the sliding system, the same surfaces that, in the case of a traditional hinged door, would instead be occupied by the opening radius, can be used for maximum usability. Doal offers models in wood, glass or glass with aluminium frame. The transition from one room to another is extremely fluid and flexible, creating a structural and stylistic continuum that gives the house a modern and elegant appearance.