“Simply” is the system used to realise elegant and flexible structures to be used as bookshelves, equipped walls, walk-in wardrobes etc.

The aluminium uprights “Simply” can be covered thanks to their peculiar design. Their use can have two types of fixing: from the floor to the ceiling or from the floor to the wall. With the term pillar is meant a vertical structural element that sustains and reinforces a set structure. The uprights proposed by Doal allow to develop structures for equipped walls, shelves etc. The uprights are made of aluminium and thanks to their special design they can be covered. For further information and details please look directly in the catalogue section where you will find all the features of the Simply model, including various descriptions and technical details.

What about the aluminium uprights by Doal

The aluminium pillar “Simply” is designed for assembling accessories such as shelves, dressers and trousers storage and is completely concealed, positioned behind the pillar. This peculiarity makes “Simply” a functional and very captivating proposal from the aesthetic point of view, since it is minimalist and refined. This product is conceived not only for furnishing the house, but also for setting up public and private offices and any kind of shops. Doal designed different franchising cloth-shops and shoe-shops, creating elegant and movable shelves, varying in height with extreme practicality and simplicity. Its maximum expression is to be found in the night area, in particular in the walk-in wardrobes thanks to a great variety of finishes for internal components that vary from the practical melamine to the more elegant lacquered finish. The great variety of dimensions of the shelves, that can be straight or moulded, allows to realise compositions that take advantage of all the available spaces, both in height and in width. The finishes of the aluminium uprights can be perfectly paired to the sliding doors since they are available in the same colours. Curiosities of the aluminium uprights: the term is used in the construction industry, architecture, in the engineering industry, in furnishing and also in the aeronautical sector. The pillar if horizontal is called crossbeam or beam.

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