Wooden and aluminium modern wainscots

Wainscot or boiserie is a term that is used to indicate a decoration based on the covering of the walls of a building with wooden or woodgrain laminate panels and in aluminium. This term is often used also for indicating coverings with wooden panels that are not necessarily decorated but are enriched with aluminium frames or in other metals. Doal realises standardised products and also custom-made. The panels were used for decorating doors, partitions, walls or private rooms. The modern horizontal wainscot is realised with horizontal self-supporting profiles available in two versions, “Linea” or with “Gola” that permits the integration of accessories. In the realisation of the compositions you can use indistinctly both the “Linea” profiles and the “Gola” profiles. In other words, the wainscots that Doal produces are programmes for the equipment and the covering of walls both for the house and the office and the large distribution. They ensure great flexibility in the every-day use. The modern wainscot is an innovative and modular system that allows to realise a simple and highly customisable walk-in wardrobe, it can also be tailored to respond to every need.

The vertical aluminium wainscot is modular and ensures great flexibility in construction, combining vertical structures in a functional way. It can be used in various environments of your house: from the little bedrooms to the walk-in wardrobes, but it is also suitable for the office.

Wooden and aluminium wainscot “Clipper”

Self-supporting aluminium wainscoting system realised with Doal’s profiles allows you to create dynamic and flexible projects with lots of freedom. You can use it in the day area for equipped walls or in the night area where we can use elements such as beds or tables that can be moved when necessary. The construction of offices and shops are certainly situations where Clipper responds in a real and meaningful way to the needs of the designer. The aluminium wainscots are programmes for the equipment and the covering of walls both for the house and the office and the large distribution. They are systems of aluminium profiles that guarantee great flexibility of construction and installation. The profiles are realised and designed for the practical and rapid positioning of accessories such as dressers, shelves and closets. This system of aluminium wainscot is ideal to show the ware in the shops that are opened to the public and much more. For further information and details please look directly in the catalogue section where you will find all the features of the Clipper model, including various descriptions and technical details.

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