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Since 2002, Doal Srl has produced aluminium systems for furnishings, such as interior doors, walk-in closets and niches for covering every space in homes, accommodations, or public spaces.

Over the years Doal has become a leading company in producing sliding, shutters, bifold, tilting doors, but also door panels for wardrobe niches, wall flush niches, and aluminium uprights with shelves and wood drawers for walk-in closets and bookshelves, both for the sleeping and the living area.

Doors and walls compositions, always tailor-made by Doal, are characterized by a wise technical and stylistic research capable of containing the durability, solidity, and aesthetic that the environment needs. Aluminium profiles are often paired with glass, realized in several finishes and decorations, to constantly offer new reflections and lights effects, dilating the space and making it brighter.

The most powerful strength of Doal is the creation of tailor-made solutions requested by our customers, the technical preparation of our dynamic and young staff, the ability to meet our established deadlines for creating our compositions, other than being always up to date on the latest trends. All of this is marked by our professionalism and kindness in our quick answers. Today Doal is part of the Italian furniture market and is expanding in the international market as well.

The upright walk-in closet allows furnishing the wardrobe area highlighting the minimalistic design of the house. Only the uprights that hold shelves, coat hangers, dressers or other containers are visible, without showing other sides of the closet. The partition behind the closet can be left neutral or characterized by a different colour than the other partitions, or can also be covered with wallpaper.

The GEA niche wardrobe allows equipping a niche in the wall leaving it hidden at the same time. The side aluminium uprights are hidden behind the doors, coloured as the wall to provide an effect of wall flush cabinet. Opening the doors an inner pantry can be found, without side divisions in between the compartments.

The fixed glass partitioning allows to separate two different areas of an environment, yet keeping the visual continuity between them. This element goes from the floor to the ceiling and can be installed on its own or close to other doors. To create a unique graphical effect, sleepers can be applied on the glass, choosing from the products in our catalogue or choosing custom designs.

With the SIMPLY system by Doa, partitioning shelves can be made, that define the spaces of an open space environment, providing visual lightness, without creating actual separations. Aluminium uprights display a very clean product line, without showing the shelves hooks.

The special tilting mechanism, together with the glass lightness, make this door the real focal point of the house, providing lightness to the whole environment. The tilting door by Doal can be as high as the ceiling without any interruption on the surface of the door. The rotational pivot allows the door to open in both directions and can be placed in the middle as well as in an offset location, 8cm far from the edge.

When on the sides of a pass-through hole we have one or two walls that are wide at least as the hole itself, we can install one or two external wall sliding doors. External wall sliding doors systems guarantee a lot of freedom in terms of planning and numerous customizations thanks to silkscreened decorations and aluminium sleepers.

With the niche wardrobe system by Doal, it is possible to create new spaces with specific purposes, as in this case of a niche being used as a wardrobe/pantry, where a central opening with bifold doors can be paired that will provide great lightness to the two side-hinged compartments. The inside can be equipped with shelves hooked to the uprights that hold the doors, without having to make any hole in the back wall.

The wall flush niche system can be installed to walls with a plasterboard structure through an aluminium chassis studied on purpose to perfectly integrate the wall flush niche. Doors can be made of glass, to highlight the inner part as in a glass case, or can be coloured; they can be opened as hinged doors or as drop-down doors.

The wall flush hinged door is distinguished by its ability to camouflage itself in the environment where it is placed. With GAIA and JUST models we can finally unite transparencies, reflections, and flare that only glass can give. In the case of a blind-spot bathroom, for example, a wall flush door with a satinized glass can be used, which provides light to the room but also guarantees the needed privacy at the same time.