Invisible sliding design doors external to the wall allow rails to completely disappear making the door look like it is floating.

Invisible sliding doors external to the wall

The invisible sliding door external-to-the-wall system by Doal not only allows to save space dividing spaces being functional and through extremely agile mechanisms, but it is also a synonym of modern design, class, and brightness. Invisible sliding doors by Doal guarantee a high impact in terms of design and allow for the creation, inside your own house, of interesting light and colour effects, and of special domestic scenographies.

Taking full advantage of spaces

They cancel the obstruction that is present in case of hinged doors and also (even if in lower quantity) of sliding doors externals to the wall; the wall surface results completely free, so new and original opportunities related to the typology and arrangement of furnishings are possible. Rails disappear inside the wall and the door becomes a real furnishing element, catching the eye with its exclusive finishes and its charismatic look. The dynamism of the concealing effect realizes a more fluid architectural conception and gives more flexibility to the whole apartment.

Sliding takes place by means of an upper carriage which is fixed to the wall and two lower skids hidden in the door. The doors remain aligned in the lower part thanks to a ground guide fixed to the floor. The suspended sliding doors of the invisible system designed by Doal can be more classic, or made of wood, a timeless material that allows you to always build warm and welcoming atmospheres; or in glass with a thickness of 10 mm. In the latter case, of course, brightness is the added value.

The external wall suspended door

Sliding doors external to the wall

Unlike traditional doors, these allow for exploiting an environment in the most appropriate way, giving a wider space available for the living room, with more furnishing possibilities. Free from the obstruction of hinged doors, the house acquires more space that can be exploited both for furniture and for various accessories that the house needs.

Advantages of our mechanisms

Sliding doors external to the wall represent an excellent solution to optimize the available space and separate environments in a fluid and discreet way, at the same time enriching them from the aesthetic point of view. Design models, polished but at the same time also unpredictable, give character to the house and allow for customization based on personal stylistic preferences. The intervention to install a sliding door external to the wall is minimal, it does not need a subframe as in the case of concealing doors and no walling is needed. Thanks to the sliding systems that are increasingly accurate and advanced, there is no need for floor rails, a simple hidden pivot is enough.

Door design and light effects

Taking into account that when the door slides it covers the wall, the glass is capable of creating very fascinating light and transparencies effects; the safest slabs are the tempered glass ones, a typology of crystal which resistance is five times higher compared to the typical one, and in case it breaks, small and non-cutting pieces are made. In most cases the acidic finish is chosen, which is characterized by a satinized effect, but also the lacquered glass and the one decorated with floral, geometrical, or stylised patterns is popular. Sliding doors external to the wall totally made of wood represent a more typical choice and surely they award a lot of warmth and refinement to the environment. As it is understandable, the choice can’t be completely unconnected from the house furniture, however, daring a little and unhooking from standards, such as installing a “high-tech” door at the entrance of a vintage space, could be a winning move.