The useful and practical folding doors to free passage space in walk-in closets and living divisions.

Interior furnishing doors with bifold openings are ideal for passages where you want to have the widest passageway possible. Doors are joined in couples through specific minimal hinges that colour-match the aluminium profiles, so they allow the two doors for rotating and sliding together to be opened while they wrap up on one side. Since every door can be up to 900mm wide, with two couples of bifold doors it is possible to close a space that can be up to 3600mm wide, so when they are opened, there is a usable passageway that is more than 3 meters wide.

Advantages of the bifold system

Available models of bifold doors

Bifold doors made of glass/aluminium are characterized by a perimetral profile that supports the glass; this can be inserted in the middle of the width of the door profile, or it can be glued on one side, offering different aesthetic results. Glasses are available in transparent, smoke grey, bronzed, satinized, reflective, mirror, lacquered, with fabric, or printed version: you can surely find the aesthetic solution that best fits in the context of your own house or office.

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