The sliding doors offer solutions that close the walk-in wardrobes with style and totally made to measure.

Walk-in closet solutions by Doal

Doal offers solutions also for the closure of the walk-in closet: grounded sliding doors or suspended ones. This way many furnishing needs are satisfied. Sliding doors are tailor-made and can be fully customized thanks to the numerous finishes of the metal profiles and the glasses used, but also for the variety of dimensions. Reflex or satinized glass is very popular because it provides high brightness to the environment and at the same time it guarantees a lot of privacy. With Doal products it’s easy to design and bring to life the ideal closet, regardless of its final use and space.

What you need to know about sliding doors with aluminium chassis

The sliding doors system allows optimizing the available space, organizing it with maximum efficiency and exploiting all of its potential. Suspended sliding doors by Doal have a higher and higher demand and are more and more appreciated thanks to their qualities, the high level of customization, and a winning appearance. Sliding doors by Doal are available in glass material, to allow natural and artificial light to pass through, creating spectacular effects thanks to their transparency, but can also be made with panels that don’t allow to see through, in ennobled or lacquered material.

Sliding doors for walk-in closets

Designing tailored walk-in closets with two or more sliding doors has never been easier, thanks to Doal solutions. Doors can be realized with the complete selection of matte or glossy glasses of the Doal collection: you can choose among fifteen nuances of lacquered glass and twenty-three types that include the following variations: transparent, extra clear, milk glass, satinized, smoke grey, bronze, reflex. An idea for the design? Dividing the entrance of the house from the living room with three suspended sliding doors, two that will close a niche used as a wardrobe to contain shoes and coats, and the third one that will be used as access to the living room. Other than this one, solutions can be really numerous and varied; taking advantage of the consultancy of Doal experts means increasing the chances of satisfying your own needs and at the same time providing a more personal touch to your own house.

Suspended sliding doors in your bedroom

In the sleeping area sliding doors help in creating a sense of warmness and confidentiality, paired to the modern elegance defined by the minimalist style very much in vogue nowadays. The aluminium perimetral profile, other than adding value to the door aesthetic, also functions as an element of protection and security. The suspended sliding doors system for walk-in closets is based on a higher rail that can be fixed to the wall, to the ceiling or built-in. The doors remain aligned in the lower area thanks to a pivot fixed to the floor. Their lightness makes it easy to open and close them, and they are cushioned by the retarders provided by default.

Grounded sliding doors

They reveal their strength in daily use; they are durable, they can be opened and closed infinite times without suffering from it, and they last over time. They rest on a track that is fixed on the floor with double-sided tape so they are ideal for closing niches or pantries where people need not to go in. To avoid random choices, Doal also offers solutions with ceiling sliding, for a great aesthetic, or with floor sliding when the ceiling isn’t capable of sustaining the doors for their weight. Anyway, Doal, with its dealers, is organized to offer the right consultancy and address the client toward the best and most convenient solution.

The design of sliding doors for wall wardrobes

Thanks to an easy but at the same time sophisticated graphical software, Doal dealers can realize ad-hoc and with the highest accuracy every single component to create the dream walk-in closet. Sliding doors for walk-in closets can be chosen among six different models: Zeus, Like, Like.18, Gaia, Just, Tao, and Gea. Each model clearly has different features, based on personal needs and aesthetic taste. From the all-glass door to the most modern one with aluminium chassis, to the most classical one made of honeycomb wood.

The truth about Italian houses today

Nowadays the space available in houses or apartments is smaller and smaller. Here’s because of the need of exploiting in the best way the vertical space available making it aesthetically better. One of Doal’s advantages is that it is capable of covering a space that goes from the floor to the ceiling up to 3 meters high, transforming it into a spacious wall container or into a roomy walk-in closet.

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