The suspended sliding doors system does not leave any trace on the floor and is used in modern houses to divide different environments or walk-in clos

The various models of suspended sliding doors by Doal

The choice of suspended sliding doors gives big freedom of use even in the most difficult to furnish houses. Suspended doors can be requested with one or more panels and are realized in transparent, decorated, satinized, reflex, smoke grey, bronze, or lacquered glass, or alternatively can be realized with a panel with an ennobled or lacquered finish.

Available door panels for this system

These models have an aluminium structure that is available in white, brown, silver, and anthracite colour, or it can be painted copper, bronze, or black. Thanks to the sliding system, it is obtained the maximum practicability for those surfaces that, in the case of a traditional hinged door, would be occupied in the opening radius. Doal offers either glass models with an aluminium frame, or full glass, or full wood models. The transfer from an environment to another one is extremely smooth and flexible, a structural and stylistic continuum is created and it awards the house with a modern and elegant look.