Tilting doors, an ideal solution to furnish modern houses or indoor places saving space.

Tilting doors, ideal for passageways

Tilting doors are characterized by an opening on both sides: both by pushing and by pulling them. That is why they represent the ideal solution for closing areas with frequent transfers since they allow people to go through these areas, always opening the door by pushing it, both back and forth, without having to stop to pull the door. Additionally, the peculiar oleodynamic hinges then close the door accompanying it to its starting position. This way, it is possible to proceed at your own pace without having to close the door yourself. They are perfect in hallways that go from the living area to the sleeping area and in all offices, public spaces, or accommodation establishments, also thanks to the possibility of getting up to 150cm wide.

In many situations, the tilting door can greatly substitute the hinged door. If a key lock or a pawl lock is not necessary, the tilting door allows for an installation without lateral and higher jambs, remaining the main element of the passage area, for an extremely minimalist impact. The typical handle of hinged doors is not even needed, since a small handhold is enough, that is integrated into the door and colour-matches the aluminium profile, so it makes the look of the door even cleaner. Other than the more modern style, since it does not have any jambs or handles, this door also has a lower price compared to a hinged door with the same measures and finishes.

A perfect alternative to hinged doors

Installation and assembly

The tilting door installation is based on fastening the specific oleodynamic hinges that are integrated in the lower and higher horizontal crossbeams of the door. This means that no floor arrangement is needed, so this solution can also be chosen for non-invasive restorations, simply fixing the hinge on the finished floor.

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