A modern and minimalist style for a bookcase in the living room of a house or in the interiors of offices and shops.

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SIMPLY bookcase

The SIMPLY bookcase allows furnishing the living room walls with flexibility, functionality, and elegance, thanks to the aluminium uprights available in several finishes in order to match in the best way to the context of the environment, that can be installed with a ceiling or wall mounting. In the case of a separated bookcase, very unique matchings can be created, also exploiting the finishing of the wall behind the bookcase, with painting or wallpapers.

A design feature for offices

The uprights SIMPLY system is perfect for equipping with style offices and operating environments, thanks to the flexible modularity of shelves where you can store books, catalogues, and various objects. The available pole finishes are silver, white, brown, and anthracite, and shelves can be painted with a solid colour or wooden looking.

An elegant and discreet pantry

The SIMPLY bookcase system is the ideal solution to furnish the interior of a pantry inserted in a niche present in a kitchen. The flexibility of the system allows exploiting in the best way all the spaces. Feasible in a fully custom way and equippable with various elements, the bookcase for walk-in closets can be covered with sliding doors or can be left in sight for more sophisticated environments.

A designer’s bookcase

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