The hinged doors rotate around their pivot ensuring security and privacy.

Composition of the hinged door

The hinged door system is made of a door panel that is fixed through specific hinges with one jamb. Jambs and doors are studied with innovative adjustment solutions that allow for a perfect installation in a workmanlike manner in home environments, offices, public spaces, and accommodation establishments. Preferring aluminium hinged doors means preferring light elements that at the same time are durable and sustainable.

Refined and durable materials

Aluminium and glass are hygienic, functional, and fully sustainable materials. Hinged door panels can be realized using the whole selection of glass products of the Doal collection. This means that 25 variations of glass can be chosen, among the transparent, satinized, smoke grey, bronze, reflective, with fabric ones, etc. Lacquered glass is also an option, choosing among 15 colours of the Doal collection, or choosing any RAL colour.

Main differences among interior doors

Hinged doors by Doal stand out for multiple options regarding both the door and the jamb. The door can be made of glass/aluminium, full-glass, or wood, whereas the jamb, always made of aluminium, is available in three variations: traditional, visible, or flush to the wall.

Hinged doors with traditional jamb

The typical hinged door plans a frame that covers the entire thickness of the wall in which it is inserted. Doal proposes a traditional jamb fully made of aluminium, with a squared and minimalist design that easily matches with any environment and that is technically versatile. This system indeed can adapt to different wall thicknesses thanks to a telescopic profile and it allows for the usage of door panels made of glass/aluminium, full-glass, or wood.

Hinged doors with visible jamb

They are characterized by a very thin aluminium jamb that is installed in already finished walls, without the need for any additional work to the wall. This solution is possible thanks to the absolute stability guaranteed by the aluminium, so it represents a very exclusive and distinct solution, not feasible with wood jambs.

The jamb is equipped with an equalization profile, painted with the same colour as the jamb, that allows for converting possible wall imperfections.

Doing so, a sophisticated and elegant design is obtained that transforms the door into a furnishing element with a pronounced personality. The jamb becomes a small frame matching the door profile made of glass/aluminium, or matching the minimalist outline of a door fully made of glass or wood.

Hinged doors without jamb

The modern and minimalist style often demanded in the house furnishing has brought to an enormous spreading of the wall flush hinged doors, that doesn’t present any visible jamb but are fixed to a specific frame inserted in the wall.

Doal designed and improved the glass variation of this type of door, with a unique solution of a flush glass that is perfectly collinear to the wall, without any smallest interruption since the aluminium profile of the door remains behind the glass. This way, the minimalist design of the wall flush doors is perfectly combined with the transparencies and with the light effects that only glass can offer.

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