Wind doors are appreciated for their functionality in houses, public spaces, offices, bars, and other environments.

How the mechanism works

The wind door is fully made of glass and is characterized by oleodynamic hinges that allow for opening in both directions, both pushing and pulling, with adjustments applicable to the closure speed and to the final twitch of the door. Lateral jambs are not needed, as it happens in traditional hinged doors, obtaining an aesthetic result that is very practical and minimalist. In the wall hole only the glass is visible, which is available in the following versions: transparent, opal, acidic, bronze, smoke grey, or lacquered. Handles and hinges are available in grey or can be painted with your favourite colour.

Wall mounted and floor mounted version

The wind door is available with hinges fixed to the floor or to the wall. In the latter, the hinges mounting takes place directly in the wall, that in this case will need to support the weight of the door. No floor hole is needed. The floor mounted wind door instead, has a lower hinge that doesn’t need any specific arrangement on the floor but is fixed on the ground with the provided blocks. This system is ideal for situations where the wall cannot support the weight of the door, meaning that the installation of wall mounted hinges is not possible.

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