Concealing sliding doors are typically chosen by people who don’t have much space and prefer a minimal design for their own environments.

The various models of concealing sliding doors produced by Doal

Firstly, sliding doors allow saving space because they let the wall clean and they don’t have any opening volume. Secondly, they are characterized by a modern seducing design and it represents a considerable added value for the environment’s aesthetic where they are installed. Ideated to give a concrete answer to the needs of today’s living and to the new design tastes, concealing sliding doors have a minimalist and elegant appearance and they allow to save space exploiting the thickness of the walls. It is estimated that inside a 100 square meters apartment, the saving space that you can obtain using concealing sliding doors can get up to 8 square meters, because you can manage to also use blind corners that with the typical hinged doors instead, are unusable. With this type of doors, the blind corner does not exist and that surface is used in the most suitable way.

Sliding doors into the wall

They separate two environments, or if needed, they unite them with the maximum confidentiality, available in various configurations. Combining modernity and technique, these doors disappear thanks to their structure and they don’t occupy any volume while they are open. Concealing sliding doors require a wall intervention because it is necessary to insert in the wall a subframe, meaning a special metallic container equipped with specific carriage rails.

Here’s why to choose them

They adapt to any subframe. Metallic containers that are installed in environments have different brands and types. As, for example, the most popular ones Scrigno and Eclisse. The main feature of concealing doors is the functionality since they get the most out of the space available inside the walls.

One of the main advantages of these doors is to fully disappear inside the wall, letting the passageway completely free from any obstruction. The characteristic of exploiting spaces, united to the light that a satinized glass instills, finds ideal solutions in this door for reserved environments and usually with low light, as a bathroom, an under-stair closet, a storage room, a small office, a small bedroom, etc. We care to let you know that we are tied to tradition, offering also the possibility of realizing door panels completely made of wood, lacquered, or to be painted.

Panels of concealing doors

Made of wood, glass, or glass with an aluminium frame. Glass is always popular since it makes the environment brighter: ideal especially for spaces with a limited surface area. Proposals offered by Doal can be applied to different subframes that are available in the market. Traditional sliding doors have aluminium jambs that also work as a frame for the passageway. There is the possibility to choose this specific jamb to match the door frame in silver, white, brown, and anthracite colour. As for glass doors, Doal also produces different decorations that can be applied to the door surface; this is a way to provide the door with personality and customize even more your own house. Other than increasing the brightness of the space, they can also be tailored with company logos, drawings and decorations, chromatic contrasts effects, a creative freedom that translates into a unique furnishing element.

Advantages of concealing sliding doors

Concealing sliding doors are perfect for the living area, but also for the bathroom and the storage room, for walk-in closets and hallways. The possibility of creating a straight communication between areas of the apartment, hence a continuity and fluency between spaces is very appreciated, and it allows to get the most out of any environment.

When privacy is needed instead, the closure is immediate and light. Regarding the installation, inside the wall a subframe is inserted, meaning a metallic container with the purpose of accommodating the door. Doal offers a wide range of products that are thought for the several types and brands of metallic containers that are available in the market.

Wall flush concealing doors

These doors create an effect of high lightness and accuracy, disappearing completely in the wall where they are hosted in. Wall flush doors can be requested in wood, in glass, or in glass with an aluminium frame. This wall flush concealed sliding system offers the advantage of defining with the highest lightness the transfer between two environments. The sliding concealed system is used more and more in modern environments. Wall flush concealing doors distinguish themselves from traditional doors because they do not have any external frame, resulting in a more modern design and aesthetic.

Why choosing this model

The wall flush concealing door is particularly suitable for small environments where the space is essential. The absence of jambs, which by default are in the traditional door container, makes this a minimalist design product. Available doors for this system have an aluminium structure united to a panel or to glass and can be applied to various subframe brands that are in the market. One of the main features of wall flush concealing doors is the functionality since it gets the most out of the space available inside the wall. The main advantage of these doors is to fully disappear inside the wall, leaving the passageway free from any obstacle. The feature of exploiting limited spaces together with the characteristic of a glass of spreading light to the inside finds the highest ambition for this door in environments where privacy is needed, together with brightness at the same time.

Concealing sliding doors are specifically suitable for limited spaces and niches. They can also be requested with peculiar decorations that can be applied to the transparent, satinized, lacquered, or reflective glass. Doal provides several decoration types that furnish any environment with extreme personality. For the most demanding clients, it is also possible to apply any custom drawing or logo. Doal produced an aluminium and glass door with a minimalist design that matches very well with concealing subframes, making the environment bright.

A perfect solution for limited spaces