Doal niches are divided into two typologies: wall flush niches and wardrobe niches.

Our products

Wardrobe niches

They are actual containers applied as niches closure up to 275cm high and they can be realized with hinged doors or bifold doors, always provided with inner equipment.

Wall flush niches

They can be used for environments such as living rooms, bathrooms, entrances, and shops, as actual cases, where to insert precious items to show or to hide.

Wall flush niches for bathrooms

An original idea by Doal the one of using wall flush niches even in the bathroom environment, where the space is always limited. The wall flush niche allows exploiting the space that is inside the wall, enriching it with blind or transparent doors to bring to life an aesthetic and functional effect. Walls with wall flush niches can be fully tailor-made in height, width, and even depth. It is possible to insert glass shelves or also leave the compartment empty. In the use case of bathrooms, it is advised to position a mirror door above the sink.

How to get the best out of wall flush niches

Wall flush niches can also be used in kitchens. Thanks to the several finishes of the front doors it is possible to create captivating matchings to create a bespoke composition completely flush to the wall. Doors can be made of glass, lacquered panels, ennobled, can be painted, or also be covered with wallpaper at will. Glass transparency creates a dynamic wall, thanks to the variable depth of inner spaces and can highlight the backside that Doal offers in several finishes, from glass to mirror, from ceramic to metal.

Mechanisms for modern niches

Mechanisms used in the wall flush niche system by Doal are studied and patented to be completely invisible and hidden in the designated container recessed in the plasterboard and perfectly integrated into the wall with its specific profiles. Niches can be illuminated with spotlights in the middle of the compartment or with led strips that can be installed horizontally or on the sides, based on personal needs and preferences. They are perfect for home environments, hotels, and for shops where to expose precious items as you would do with actual glass cases.

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