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We are specialized in designing interior doors for homes and offices, discover all the variants!

Different types of interior doors for each environment

They define the style, the way of living and the tone that you want to give to your own house, that is why Doal realizes infinite high-end interior door solutions. Functionality, harmony, and design are the keyword to describe them. Doal provides aluminium systems capable of satisfying every necessity listening to market requests. The company offers ideal solutions to organize functional and distinguished areas, even in very small environments.

Furnish with style your house interior

They are the first furniture element of a house, the very first impression that a home conveys. Doal doors with aluminium profiles present a clean and essential line of products, highly modern and are appreciated by people who love polished and minimalist design.

The different types of interior doors

Traditional hinged doors are still the most demanded, even if the sliding doors are becoming more and more popular, thanks to their captivating image and a reduced encumbrance that allows saving valuable centimeters: this is an essential added value, especially in smaller houses.

Focusing on new trends, it is a must to notice how architects show a preference for the wall flush doors and the visible doors; the explanation lies also in the versatility and flexibility of the aluminium, which makes doors camouflage in the walls, leaving the walls themselves clean, as suggested by the very popular minimalist style that is present nowadays.

Modern and design doors

Doal offers a series of interesting proposals: the catalogue offers a wide range of choice regarding, not only the structure of modern interior doors but also regarding materials and finishes.

For example, the concealing sliding door for subframes is in high demand: door panels slide on the inside, optimizing the available surfaces. An excellent alternative is the sliding door with floor-mounted or ceiling-mounted rail.

Taking advantage of the help offered by Doal consultants, it becomes easy to identify the most suitable solution for your own case and proceed with the definition of ad-hoc projects that are the result of a perfect mix between aesthetic and functionality.

The evolution of today's doors

They are not only partition elements anymore, but they became real furnishing elements and they often reflect the personality of who lives in that specific house, contributing also to enrich the chosen style. This is possible thanks to a market offer that appears bigger and bigger, so it is capable of satisfying each preference in terms of aesthetic. Interior doors define the space, are practical and functional, and give strength to the most unusual design expressions.

Doal doors can be customized with aluminium sleepers or sandblasted decorations. The company offers a rich and stylistically varied series of well-finished designs in every detail realized by field professionals. Currently, there are more than three hundred decorations available. On doors, it is possible to request the application of a logo or a specific illustration created on purpose by the client, fully tailor-made.

Interior doors in glass and aluminum by Doal

What Doal does

Doal doors are of excellent quality, perfect ambassadors of the made in Italy. They are the result of the match of creativity together with the application of the most innovative technologies. For any kind of necessity, Doal immediately provides tangible answers. Authorized dealers are happy to study and quote any of your requests, providing you with the most suitable solution for your needs.

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