Partition walls for interiors are designed to divide areas of the house or to separate operative interiors.

Partition walls for interiors

Partition walls for interiors by Doal are designed to divide house areas or to separate operative interiors, offices, shops, and other working areas. Aluminium structures, paintable in every Ral colour, make them light and versatile. The variations of the glasses that can be used for walls are infinite, from transparent to satinized, from smoke grey to bronze, with different thicknesses to offer the correct acoustic dejection.

Integration with different door types

This system of glass-made wall fits perfectly with modern or classical furnishings because it allows furnishing rooms with infinite solutions, without being too eye-catching but obtaining functional areas with discretion and minimalism. Partition walls can be integrated with sliding or hinged doors based on personal preferences and needs.

Examples of interior partitions

The cooking area of a house or the executive office in a company can be easily kept separated, respectively from a living area or common rooms, with a transparent glass that covers the whole wall, even when you want to separate an environment but at the same time letting the light pass through. It also helps in making an environment seem bigger, keeping under control the whole room.

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