Walk-in closet uprights SIMPLY

Aluminium uprights SIMPLY, thanks to their peculiar design, can have two fixing modes: from the floor to the ceiling, or from the floor to a wall. With the term upright, is meant a vertical structural element that is able to support and strengthen a specific structure. Uprights proposed by Doal allow to develop structures of equipped walls, shelving, and so on. They can be requested in different finishes, such as white, anodized aluminium, brown, and anthracite.

What to know about aluminium uprights

The aluminium upright SIMPLY is equipped with an accessories mounting system (such as shelves, dressers, pants hangers, support panels) that is fully flush, since it is positioned on the back side of the upright. All of this makes SIMPLY a very captivating, functional, and flexible design product. Indeed, one of its features is the aesthetic, that results very interesting since it is minimalist and polished. This product has been designed, other than for the home furnishings, for preparation of public and private offices of any kind. In fact, Doal has designed several interior spaces for clothing shops and footwear for the creation of elegant shelving and movable shelves at any height, with extreme practicality and simplicity.

The versatility of our systems

Its maximum expression is in the sleeping area in the realization of walk-in closets thanks to the high variety of interior components finishes that range from the practical melamine to the more elegant lacquered finish. The big range of the dimensions of straight or moulded shelves allows the realization of compositions that take full advantage of all the available space, both in width and in height.

Useful information on finishes

Aluminium uprights finishes can be perfectly matched to the sliding doors since they are available in the same colours. A curiosity about aluminium uprights: the term is used in construction, architecture, engineering, automotive, interior design, and the aeronautical industry. The upright, if horizontal, is called crossbeam, but if oblique it is called “rafter” in the construction industry.

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