Hinged wooden door

This door can adapt to the various thicknesses of the wall following the various necessities of the rooms in which it is set. The door is composed of a jamb and a door. The frame of the traditional solution is very easy to match to every space and is technically eclectic. The system can be adapted to the various thicknesses of the wall thanks to the telescopic jamb and it is possible to insert doors in aluminium with glass or wood. In this case, in the picture you can see the wooden door. Traditional hinged door: the system of hinged doors uses an innovative regulating solution, allowing them to be completely adaptable to many houses and offices or to public places. Choosing hinged doors in aluminium means opting for light, resistant and sustainable elements. Doal realises every kind of tailored hinged door taking advantage of the available spaces and it is specialised in the realisation of doors in aluminium and glass, that are not only of design but are also an optimal solution for those who would like to have light in the environments. Aluminium and glass are hygienic, functional and totally ecological materials. The doors of the traditional hinged doors can be realised using all the selection of mat and lucid glass of Doal collection. You can thus choose among 18 colours for the lacquered glass and among 21 types, for example transparent, extra light, opal, glazed, tinted, bronze, reflecting glass, etc. in the picture we see the traditional hinged door “Wood” in silver aluminium with a materic laminated panel “Cetos” and a handle “Nice”.

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