Suspended Sliding Door ZEUS

Suspended Sliding door ZEUS divides environments with a highly modern style, with a squared aluminium perimetral profile, available in several finishes. This profile, that is very minimalist, connotes the door giving it importance and making it the eye catcher of the space. Glass is available in multiple versions: transparent, satinized, smoke grey, bronzed, reflective, lacquered, with fabric, or printed one. Additionally, decorative sleepers can be inserted that characterize the door even more, with the possibility to choose between the products of Doal catalogue and completely tailored solutions that our designer can realize.

The suspended panel that closes environments

Suspended sliding ZEUS is ideal also for closing a kitchen pantry, to make it become a furniture element thanks to the usage of sliding doors with glasses that hide the interior without covering it all, as in the case of the Pixel glass on the image. This way, a perfectly tailored pantry is created, that is elegant and functional.

Available glasses and variations

Suspended sliding ZEUS offers various glass customization possibilities, as for example inserting a fabric inside of it. This linen, from the very thin pattern, lets the light pass through and at the same time it creates a visual separation between two environments. The handle Fly, installed on the glass, creates a very thin mark to let the glass as clean as possible.

Where to get the most out of this model

Sliding door ZEUS can be highly characterized by the use of decorative sleepers that create unique geometries, as in the case of the TOKYO model, with vertical sleepers on the entire door. This way, doors can mask the interior of a walk-in closet, also creating a corner thanks to the specifically moulded rail, that can be visible or recessed in the false ceiling.

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