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The system of sliding doors represents a modern, practical and aesthetically captivating solution to close wall-wardrobes and bookshelves or niches used in various ways, and also to divide the various environments of the house or the office and to use them as real doors. In the night area they contribute to create a sense of warmth and hospitality. In the day area they give added value in terms of class and elegance, always keeping appreciable discretion and defining a style based on that minimalism, so much in vogue in this period.

The Sliding Shutters that Doal produces

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All you need to know about the sliding doors with frame

In all the cases this sliding system allows you to optimise the available space, organising it with maximum efficiency and taking advantage of all the potentialities. The suspended sliding doors of Doal result to be more and more required and appreciated thanks to their quality, to the high level of personalisation and to the winning image. The sliding doors of Doal are available in glass to make the natural and artificial light penetrate, creating scenographic effects thanks to the transparency, or they can be realised with blind panels in nobilitated or lacquered wood.
Very important is the version of glass with aluminium frame, since it valorises the appearance and it serves as protection and element of security. The system of suspended sliding doors is based on an upper track that can be fixed to the wall, to the ceiling or built-in. The doors remain aligned in the inferior part thanks to a pivot fixed to the floor. Their lightness simplifies the movement of opening and closure. Among the structural elements there are also the retarders for the amortised closure and the aluminium frame, that give solidity.
The doors with track can be realised using all the complete range of mat or lucid glass of the Doal collection: you can choose among eighteen types of lacquered glass and twenty-one types of glass, among others there are the transparent, extra-light, opal, satinised, bronze, reflective. Would you like an idea for designing? Divide the entrance of the house to the living room with three suspended sliding doors, two are used to close a niche, which can be used as wardrobe to contain shoes and coats, and the third one is used as opening to access to the living room. More than that, the solutions can be really numerous and heterogenous; you can use the consultancy offered by the experts of Doal and this means to raise the probabilities of giving a concrete response to the own needs and at the same time to give more personality to the own flat. The suspended sliding doors of Doal reveal all their strength in the daily life; they are resistant and can be opened and closed infinite times without damaging it and they last in time.
Making this choice means to have understood all the intrinsic advantages of this product and to aim at the fascinating contemporary design, a perfect mix of originality and sophistication. It does not matter the surface area of your house or single area in which you want to install the suspended sliding doors: Doal will give you very interesting proposals in any case.