Bifold glass Door ZEUS

Bifold doors allow for a big freedom in terms of planning, to organize open environments that offer the illusion of one single space when they actually have isolated areas, creating a harmonic effect of convivial environments and private corners, as in this case of a walk-in closet in the sleeping area, where the Zeus door furnishes with its aluminium perimetral profile that is available in several finishes.

Door panels of the tilting Zeus model

The two panels that compose the pair of tilting doors rotate and slide on one side to allow for an opening that is as wide as possible, freeing up the passageway.

Hinges of tilting doors by Doal

Hinges of the tilting ZEUS door have been designed to camouflage themselves as much as possible on the perimetral door frame, thanks to their limited size and the finish that always matches the aluminium profile one, that can be chosen among white, silver, brown, anthracite, copper, bronze, black, or any other RAL colour.

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