The wall flush niche system was born to create an aesthetic continuity with plasterboard wall systems.

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An elegant design solution

It is possible, in fact, to apply glass doors or panels to be painted in continuity with the wall. The aluminium frame guarantees perfection during the application and a long lasting durability.

Examples of possible applications

The wall flush niches system is suitable for finishes with several types of material. Other than the Doal selection ones it is also possible to customize the panel, provided with a surface to be painted, with a painting realized on purpose to create pictures on the walls that hide items on their inside. The possible combinations that can be created thanks to the materials create a unique effect, as represented on the image, with a mirror door and a door painted like the wall, or with a transparent glass door and a blind panel with a wooden effect. Alternatively, the door panel can be covered with wallpaper, exactly as the wall, or contrasting the wall colour. All of these niches are tailor-made.

Wall flush niches features

Wall flush niches can be realized with hinged opening or with a drop-down opening, upward or downward. Hinges are invisible and the opening takes place thanks to the push&pull system; in the drop-down opening version, a gas piston system is applied and is accurately hidden in the structure. It is an especially suitable system to showcase our most valuable objects.

Tailor-made niches

The wall flush niches system patented by Doal proves to be functional and aesthetic in a wall of the house since it can be transformed into a convenient recessed bookcase or in a polished container, that can decorate the wall without the need of any piece of furniture or any painting. The system integrates perfectly with the planning of a plasterboard wall, and it allows to insert door panels in transparent, satinized, reflex, or mirror glass and can be enriched even more with the use of LED lights that are recessed in the inner container.