The new wardrobe niche system allows to transform a simple wall into a real chest.

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The technical solution for every house

The aluminium frame disappears in the wall creating graphical compositions of high visual impact, enhanced by the perfect coplanarity of the glass door panels.

Convenient bifold opening

Wardrobe niche Vega in silver aluminium with light reflex glass and Fuji handle. This solution allows a very wide opening of the closet, up to 240cm, giving the possibility of seeing the inside in its full width. Doal also allows to equip the interior with really big compartments, without using partitioning compartments, but simply using a central support to hook all the shelves.

Example of blind cabinet to size

Wardrobe niche Gea in silver aluminium with Matgrey ennobled panel and Fuji handle. If you want to hide your wardrobe, Doal gives the possibility to close every sized space in width and height, with doors hooked to lateral supports that are completely hidden. This wardrobe niche can be equipped with tailor-made shelves, coat hangers, and dressers, thanks to a specific system that allows leaving the backside free.

Cabinet to colour-match the wall

Wardrobe niche in silver aluminium with panels ready to be painted with the wall colours, or contrasting them, at will. Useful both for the living area and for the sleeping area, this system can be installed with hinged doors or bifold doors. The maintenance is very low since the inner shelves are supported by fully hidden lateral jambs. On the inside there isn’t any partitioning compartment, so its cleaning is immediate. It is an ideal system in the living area for people who want to fully hide a bookcase and show it only when it’s needed, with a very wide opening.

It looks like a wardrobe but it’s not

Wardrobe niche with Vega mirror doors in the middle and ennobled Kenya Gea lateral doors. In this case, the lateral doors are hinged and the central ones bifold, but it is possible to request all the doors to be hinged, all the doors to be bifold, or to create wise combinations based on functionality and the wanted aesthetic. It has the appearance of a wardrobe, but it’s much more: tailor-made to adjust itself to the available space, can be as high as the specific niche of the house that it needs to cover.

Designing with the maximum customization

Here’s an example of the assembly of a framed glass bifold door for a closet with a wardrobe niche that contains a gear rack SKY equipped with shelves and dressers.