Suspended sliding door LIKE

The suspended sliding door LIKE, since it does not have any handle, is perfect to divide spaces discreetly, resulting in a design panel rather than an actual door. It is a very sought-after solution, for example for closing walk-in closets.

Some product variations

The suspended sliding door LIKE can involve the use of smooth ennobled panels, textured ones, or lacquered ones in different finishes. This solution can be ideal in situations where you want a covering effect that does not let the light pass through, yet without giving away the modern design of doors with a perimetral aluminium frame.

Aluminium door with a minimalist design

The profile with cyma moulding of the suspended sliding door LIKE, allows achieving a perfect aesthetic cleanness, since it does not involve a handle. This way, the glass is simply framed in the aluminium profile that enhances high-class glasses, such as the one on the image, with coffee linen fabric inside the glass.

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