Tilting glass door JUST

The tilting door JUST presents a door in both sides of the aluminium profile. The unique oleodynamic hinges allow opening the door in both directions and close it again gently, without the need of inserting lateral and higher jambs, so that only the door covers the passageway.

The tilting door JUST furnishes with high minimalism

Closing it, a passageway, thanks to the possibility of inserting the door without the need of lateral jambs, for a higher aesthetic cleanness. When the lock is requested, with a key or a pawl, it is necessary to arrange on one side a lateral upright, that can be recessed in the wall anyway.

Measures and features

With the tilting door JUST it is possible to separate two environments with a decor element that appears more as a wing that can be opened in both directions, rather than a real door. The available measures, that arrive up to 150cm in width and up to 300cm in height, perhaps with an elegant glass as the smoke grey one in the picture, make this a solution of big effect.

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