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How to choose interior baseboards

Doal, an important company that produces aluminium profiles, introduces itself to the market with a complete selection of baseboards made of aluminium with a modern and essential appearance, ideal both for the house and the office, a perfect summary of pleasant visible presence and functionality. Baseboard is a compound word that literally expresses its main function, it is the last element, the final cleaning of all the vertical surfaces in brickwork or plasterboard.

As important complement of the realisation of the walls and the floors, the baseboard protects the wall from dirt, impacts and kicks and gives also a typical aesthetical function, that is not to be underestimated in your house or office.

A useful premise :

It is useful to keep in mind that baseboards not only block the accidental bumps, but also work as conjunction elements for vertical walls and floor. They hide the couplings left between wall and floor, which is compulsory and inevitable during the posing phase of the floor, whether it is parquet flooring, or ceramic or stone.

The baseboard can often be used with another important function, it can accommodate cables and electric elements. Doal’s aluminium baseboard, model “Office 70”, hides the perimetral passage of the electric cables. This aluminium baseboard is 70mm high and can be inspected and assembled snap-fit; it is in this sense an optimal aid also in buildings such as offices and commercial activities.

Furthermore, there are technical and innovative baseboards, with incorporated highlights, perfect as nocturnal step marker or radiant elements to complete the heating system.

But how can you choose the ideal aluminium baseboard?

You need to consider some elements that you always have to keep in mind:

  • define the style of your house

    defining the style of your house where the future baseboard is fixed and is of vital importance for the aesthetical purposes of the furniture;

  • choose accurately the type of baseboard to match the doors and the finishes of the floor you already have;

    following everyone’s needs, everything can be adapted as well as the baseboards; we have thus various kinds of them, from the cable holders to the ultra-thin ones;

  • decide the purpose and the material of the baseboard

    not only all the finishes of the internal furniture, but also the materials used to furnish your home can make a difference in style and from the aesthetical and practical point of view.

This is what you need to know :

On the market there are baseboards of different heights and thickness, shapes and materials, each one more suitable for particular needs and styles. Moulded and particularly high baseboards realised in marble or wood are particularly suitable for environments with classical and refined style, if they are completed by wooden doors with an elegant and important appearance.

On the contrary, squared and geometrical elements, made of wood or metal, are perfectly suitable for modern houses, set with parquet flooring or ceramic. They have normally standard heights – around 6/8 cm – but there are also more minimalist ones, 4 cm high. The flush to the wall baseboard “Easy 40” here represented in this picture on the right – Doal branded – belongs to this category. This essential baseboard has a slightly advanced to the external shape and is barely 40 mm high. It matches in a captivating way with the modern wooden floor and in a harmonic and continuous way to the glass and aluminium interior doors, such as those of Doal collection.

If a wooden baseboard is presented with thicknesses ranging from 1 to 2 cm, in stone or ceramic has a more evident thickness. The perfect thickness succeeds in concealing in an optimal way the joint of expansion that is located between the floor’s covering and the walls. For those who are looking for new design solutions and high formal cleaning, we suggest the flush to the wall baseboard. Aluminium baseboard fairlead “Raso 60”: these do not emerge from the wall and allow the furniture to be perfectly matched to the wall.

The extremely minimal and modern appearance makes them the optimal finish in design houses, where all details are handled at best. The modern flush to the wall Doal aluminium baseboards can also be baseboards with fairleads. Thanks to the models “Office 70” or “Raso 60” that are integrated in the plasterboard walls, you will be able to keep your work environment clean together with a modern and equilibrate style. This type of modern baseboard is the optimal solution for a perfect match between wall wired doors and floors, that allow you to create clean and elegant spaces thanks to their appeal and absolute elegance.

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