How and where can the walk-in closet best be used?

Doal also offers solutions for closing walk-in closets: traditional sliding doors or suspended doors. In this way, many furnishing needs can be satisfied. The sliding doors are tailor made and can be totally customised thanks to the numerous finishes of the metal profiles and glass used, but also to the variety of sizes. Satin-finish glass is very popular, which gives great brightness to the environment and at the same time guarantees great privacy. With Doal products, it is easy to design and shape the ideal walk-in closet, whatever the space allocated to it. Experts are available for in-depth advice to identify the most suitable options for each case. In addition to walk-in closets, the rich Doal catalogue allows you to put into practice ideas for storing books, accessories and objects of any kind, also finding the right balance between what you want to leave exposed and what you think should be hidden. The Clipper program is installed on the wall through a structure completely in aluminium and differs from the previous ones in that the profiles must be positioned horizontally, so that the glass or aluminium shelves are directly used in the appropriate seats of the structure. The sliding rails also take advantage of this characteristic of the horizontal system.

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