Sliding concealing door GAIA

Sliding concealing door GAIA can be inserted in subframes with or without jambs, typically matching especially with the latter, thanks to its shape with flush glass that hides the perimetral profile.

Reflex glass finish variation

Sliding concealing door GAIA with reflex glass is particularly indicated as closure for a walk-in closet. This way, looking at the door from the main side of the bedroom, the glass reflects the light when the light inside is turned off, and then it lets seeing through when the light is on in the walk-in closet.

A door with a hidden minimal profile

The flush glued glass of the aluminium profile is the big feature of the GAIA model. In the sliding concealing solution on a wall flush subframe, this detail is even more highlighted thanks to the absence of perimetral frames and rails in sight. On the inner side instead, the squared and minimalist aluminium profile is visible.

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