Gea hinged door with jamb in light

The wood textured door, hinged GEA model with jamb, divides two environments through a blind panel that can be lacquered, painted like the wall, or covered with wallpaper. The jamb can be a traditional one or a visible one.

Installation of hinged door GEA

The hinged door GEA with visible jamb can be installed on a standard wall hole, without having to arrange specific frames to recess in the wall, with a minimalist jam that frames the door, that can be painted or covered with wallpaper as the wall.

Hinged door GEA with visible jamb

When a minimalist effect is wanted in a restoration without having to perform wall work, the hinged door with visible jamb solution can be chosen, which is installed in a finished wall without the need of recessing frames in the wall. Choosing the wooden door GEA, it is possible to camouflage it with the wall as much as possible.

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