Traditional hinged door ZEUS with jamb

The hinged door ZEUS with jamb gives a modern touch to the typical hinged door of every house, thanks to a squared aluminium profile available in various finishes, that outlines the pass-through hole of the door in a homogeneous and modern way, also working as door frame.

Hinged door variation with visible jamb

Hinged door ZEUS with visible jamb can be installed on a finished wall, without having to recess frames in the wall and without stiles of lateral walls to be covered. This makes it a perfect solution to create a separation in a hallway, with a single panel or an openable panel paired to a fixed panel.

Traditional hinged door ZEUS

Choosing modern style finishes it is possible to give a totally new personality even to a traditional hinged door, revolutionizing the aesthetic of the environment even in a small restoration. In this example, anthracite profiles with colour-matching handle and smoke grey satinized glass, are perfectly combined with each other and with the minimalist context of the house.

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