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Increasing the number of walk-in wardrobes in the houses of Italians. It is a success based on a series of advantages: first of all it allows to rationalise the available space, also organising at best the arrangement of the own wardrobe; secondly, they represent a great added value from the aesthetic point of view, thanks to a modern and elegant image. Finally, they make the presence of the wardrobe useless and, as a consequence, they make possible a minimalist furniture, conceived according to the principle “less is more” that is very appreciated nowadays.

Walk-in WardrobesDon’t miss the doors for the walk-in wardrobes that Doal offers. There are different solutions for equipping walk-in wardrobes and also walls, bookshelves and shelves: the aluminium uprights “Simply”, “Sky” gear racks and the “Clipper” wainscoting.

The system is designed for assembling accessories such as shelves, dressers and trousers storage and is completely hidden, since it is positioned behind the pillar. This peculiarity makes “Simply” a functional and very captivating proposal from the aesthetic point of view. The “Sky” gear rack is modular and exploits the wall as support for the panels’ hookings and drilled profiles that can equipped according to individual needs and tastes.

The uprights of the gear rack have holes of 32 mm and are designed to obtain various heights and expositive types, guaranteeing at the same time a universal use. The vertical wainscoting is made of aluminium and is modular, permitting great flexibility in construction and combining vertical structures dedicated to functionality. Sky is very suitable for solutions with or without panels for covering the walls as a backrest. The structures are in aluminium and thanks to their special design they help covering and embellishing the walls with decorative panels in simple laminated or materic.

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