Wind glass door TAO

Wind doors can be used in different environments, both for houses and for public buildings. Indeed, in offices, bars, restaurants, clinics, or banks, this door is on high demand thanks to its practical bilateral opening that characterizes it. These doors are made of glass, with oleodynamic hinges with a controlled closure, and it is possible to request them with opening handholds made of stainless steel, or with a simple pommel.

The 180 degrees movement

With its special movement combined with the glass lightness, the door TAO becomes the real focal point of the space in which it is placed, awarding elegance to the whole environment. Glass can be completely transparent or alternatively can be satinized, smoke grey, bronze colour, lacquered, with decorations, or with company logos. Thanks to the wise use of multiple colours it is possible to obtain functional spaces with a style that is always original and elegant. In the case of transparent glass, the environment can be illuminated with natural light, improving comfort without using any artificial light.

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